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A flat fee financial advisor for young families and professionals


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Who I work with:

Bryan Minogue CFP®, CFA is a flat fee & fee-only financial advisor based in Madison, WI, serving clients virtually throughout the U.S.

Your financial life has grown more complex: greater income, a growing household, competing financial goals, greater investment balances, and far less time to manage it all.

You've reached a point where you want some help to ensure you are making the “right” financial decisions (and following through on them too!).

Kardinal Financial is built to be your partner, guide, and household CFO.

Why Kardinal Financial:

Our generation stands to benefit massively from financial planning, but only if that financial planning is designed for us.

Although we may not have the asset minimums set by many in the industry (yet), our financial lives are complex and we want a trusted guide. 

Kardinal Financial is designed to be that guide.

Together we design and implement a plan that ultimately delivers confidence and peace of mind in your financial future.

Meet Bryan